Agfa Synchro Box camera

This is a handsome looking box-type camera from the late 1940s. The use of black and chrome on the front plate gives it an expensive look. The body is metal and covered in leatherette with a fine chevron pattern. It has two reflecting brilliant finders with the reflectors being of polished steel. The shutter has two modes - timed and instant. The timed shutter is like (B)bulb. The aperture is changed by a sliding tab. If the tab is in, the aperture is f/12. With the tab in the middle position you get f/22. With the tab pulled right out the yellow filter is moved into place. The yellow filter works with black and white film to give better contrast, especially between sky and clouds. The speed of the shutter on this camera is about 1/40 sec. The camera uses 120 film.

See the manual here:

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